No matter what image you upload, our artists will make a good painting. But it's always good that the image you choose matches the subject's angle.

NOTE: You can always choose to change the image after you receive your preview

  • Photo taken at a right angle, with the chin pointing straight or slightly upwards.

  • High quality photo, not pixelated, with all facial features visible when you zoom in.

  • Try to capture the right angle to fit the selected template. The higher the resolution, the better the end result!

 What can we do?

  • Even if the person is wearing glasses, our artists can, with a little magic, repaint and remove the glasses: 

  • Whether you have an isolated photo of the person or not, we can still extract the person from group photos.
  • We match colored skin

  • Do you only have the black and white photo? No problem, we recolor according to your wishes!

  • Torn/old photos can also be converted without problems